GPS tracking for snow removal and winter road maintenance

Increase safety on the [ Danish ] winter roads

Winter maintenance of the [ Danish ] roads can be a major economical and logistical challenge. Whether the task of snow removal and salt spreading is handled by the municipality itself or by local contractors, we are here to  help! 

Digital GPS solutions is an effective and profitable way to help keep the roads clean and everyone arrive safely.



When the snow starts falling, priority must be given to which roads must be cleared first. The live map, providing an overview of the road network and location of all staff, helps optimizing the route planning. 



All routes are logged automatically using GPS. The administrator can always see the current and past locations of all vehicles, and provide accurate documentation of work performed.



Importing relevant map layers into the fleet management system, makes it even easier to keep an eye on details such as hidden technician cabinets, sewers, large stones or similar.


Keep track of your snow removal and salt spreading

The solution can be used for snow removal, salt spreading and other relevant road maintenance such as grass cutting in green areas during the summer

An on/off switch mounted in the car makes it easy for the driver to indicate when he is working and when he is just on his way to a certain area. On the map, the cleared areas are marked with a bold line making it easy to maintain an overview and get accurate documentation of the work performed.

Accurate documentation

The system even provides information on when the broom has been active, and with a little additional equipment on the salt spreaders, you can get information about spreading width and quantity.

* Known supported types: Schmit, Rasco and Epoke. We can help you research other relevant types and models.


Se how other municipalites are using fleet management

​Operation and maintenance of roads and facilities is time-consuming and requires a great overview – in both summer and winter.

Learn how the Danish municipality, Frederikshavn Kommune, uses fleet management with imported map layers to maintain an operational overview and minimize the amount of damage to vehicles and equipment.

Read more and watch video >

Our GPS solutions for road maintenance:

  • Improve logistics and increase efficiency related to road maintenance
  • Ensure accurate documentation of work performed
  • Free employees from time-consuming manual administration
  • Provide easy overview of which sections have been cleared and ensure safety on the roads
  • Reduce driving and fuel related costs by optimizing route planning and staff distribution

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