GUTS Installatietechniek in Eindhoven specialises in Building Services, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Fire Safety and Service & Maintenance, and needs to be able to act fast and be flexible in an environment where results count. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks per year they are there for their customers in all of Europe. With this approach, GUTS acquired a reputable image for their outstanding quality, flexibility and availability.


For its project and service administration, GUTS uses ACTO solution to integrate the processes of time calculation, quotation, work flow, payroll and invoicing. The company saw that the quality of these processes greatly depends on accuracy of the data that is entered into these systems. Additionally, GUTS wanted to achieve this quality with lower overheads.

GUTS wanted:

  • One central, integrated service/project planning, based on the idea that the overall planning creates transparency in the organization that is necessary to deploy all employees during their full availability with minimum “empty hours”.
  • An automatic, real-time (and therefore objective) registration of travel time and working hours of an employee per order and project. Automatic, in this case, means that the in-field employees save time on manual administrative work and responsibilities. All times are registered automatically, linked to project or service assignment and validated as travel time, working hours or private time.
  • A continuously updated calculation of working hours per project with a methodology that compares the project hours worked in real time with the planned project hours in relationship to the progress made in that project. This would allow to manage expectations about the expected deployment time of a project, and the resulting upward or downward cost adjustment.


Fleet Complete implemented its combined project and service order planning solution.

GUTS now has a central and real-time view of the deployment of all employees. Adjustments can easily be made between departments, employees and assignments. The manager can see at a glance which assignments have been completed and which employees are currently available. The manager also receives instant notifications once assignments exceed the allocated time and can easily make adjustments in the planning. Now the planner and in-field mechanics achieve their goals with more efficiency; customers are happy with quicker service; there is perfectly organized cooperation between parties involved and a sharp increase in productivity with a decrease in overheads.

Integrating ERP, planning and digital real-time registration of the work flow allows for granular insight into the location of all employees combined with the advantage of immediate planning adjustments. The administration of deployment time, time sheet calculations, payroll, invoicing and compensation is a faster and more accurate process.

In short:

  • The Smartbox will be mounted in your car
  • Using the GPS tracking, distance, speed and current location will be determined in real-time
  • The Smartbox, combined with driver identification forms, is an ideal tool to simplify administration and optimize the quality of business operations


The solution brought a lot more transparency to the company with increased focus on production, efficiency and customer service through fast, automatic and objective project time processing per employee per day. The system also zeroes in on their travel time and the net working hours to be compensated. The result is a more reputable image with customers through faster, knowledgeable and flexible service that is always accurate and reliable to a tee.


  • Efficient deployment of personnel with insight into the real-time location of workers
  • Insight into the overall project planning
  • Display of the automatically calculated travel time
  • Continuous up-to-date status on the assignment/project
  • Insight into the actual time worked and overall time spent on projects
  • Accurate information on commute time and automatic calculation of compensation
  • Direct processing of hours in the ACTO (iUva) time sheets

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